Thermo Fisher Scientific launches CE-IVD kit for next-generation sequencing

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Thermo Fisher Scientific has announced the launch of its new CE-IVD Oncomine Solid Tumour Fusion Transcript kit, which has been approved for in vitro diagnostic use in the EU.

This new solution is designed to aid clinical decision-making and enable accurate and reliable multiplexed sequencing of formalin-fixed, paraffin-embedded tumour samples. It can be used in the detection of rearrangements involving the ALK, ROS-1, RET and NTRK1 genes in next-generation sequencing applications.

“Thermo Fisher Scientific has launched its new CE-IVD Oncomine Solid Tumour Fusion Transcript kit, for use in next-generation sequencing.“

When used in conjunction with the previously released CE-IVD Oncomine Solid Tumour DNA kit, scientists will be able to identify mutations simultaneously with fusion transcripts, all in a single streamlined procedure.

The target lung cancer-focused content was verified with leading clinical researchers from the OncoNetwork Consortium, which spans ten different countries.

Mike Nolan, vice-president and general manager of oncology at Thermo Fisher Scientific, said: "We will continue expanding our oncology product portfolio to meet the needs of our clinical customers and help move precision medicine forward."

Earlier this month, the company was chosen by SelectScience as its reviewers' choice for company of the year, while the Thermo Scientific Vanquish UHPLC system received the scientists' choice award for best new separations product.

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