Park House Healthcare reports positive waste and fleet environmental performance

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Park House Healthcare has announced strong results from its 2014 Waste and Fleet organisational analysis, demonstrating its commitment to environmental protection.

During last year, the company was able to reduce on-site wastage by more than 60 percent in comparison to 2013, while metalwork waste was cut by more than 14 percent and cardboard and polythene waste fell by 8.5 percent. Further reductions are expected in 2015 due to packaging alterations.

“Park House Healthcare has reported encouraging results from its annual Waste and Fleet organisational analysis.“

Meanwhile, the firm's eco-driving training efforts have resulted in fleet miles per gallon improving by more than ten percent, with CO2 emissions falling to to 9.78 tonnes per vehicle, down from 10.01 tonnes in 2013.

These results helped Park House Healthcare win the 2014 Energy Savings Trust's Fleet Hero Award for ECO Driving.

The company said: "These outcomes reflect positively on the company-wide Green Commitment, with the organisation striving to be environmentally conscious and integrate sustainability into all of their business decisions."

Last month, the firm was listed among the 100 top-performing small to medium-sized enterprises in Yorkshire in a report from BHP Chartered Accountants.

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