Janssen and JDRF to study type 1 diabetes intervention strategies

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Janssen has announced a new research partnership with JDRF that will centre around a novel scientific approach to preventing type 1 diabetes.

The strategy, known as disease interception, will find ways to intercept type 1 diabetes using new diagnostic and pre-disease intervention techniques. By doing so, it will be possible to stop the disease prior to onset, thus preserving the health of people at risk.

“Janssen has announced a new research programme aimed at intercepting and preventing type 1 diabetes, to be organised in partnership with JDRF.“

It will be the first in a series of disease areas to be tackled as part of Janssen’s newly announced Disease Interception Accelerator, an autonomous incubator-like group dedicated to preventative research of this kind.

By leveraging the expertise of the JDRF - the leading research and advocacy organisation funding type 1 diabetes research - the project will inform and accelerate targeted and science-based solutions for this condition.

Dr Joseph Hedrick, venture leader for type 1 diabetes within Janssen's Disease Interception Accelerator, said: "We know type 1 diabetes begins before the clinical diagnosis of insulin dependence occurs and we believe there is a way to halt the progress of the disease before the loss of insulin-producing cells due to autoimmunity."

The Disease Interception Accelerator is one of three new research platforms launched this month by Janssen, alongside the Janssen Prevention Center and Janssen Human Microbiome Institute.

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