Smith and Nephew launches all-suture-based soft anchor

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Smith and Nephew has announced the launch of its new Suturefix Ultra soft suture anchor, a pioneering hip and shoulder repair device.

Featuring a smaller size and soft construction, the device is indicated for use in both hip and shoulder labral repairs and allows surgeons to add additional anchors and fixation points in order to fine-tune the process.

“Smith and Nephew has launched its new Suturefix Ultra soft suture anchor, indicated for use in both hip and shoulder labral repair.“

It can deliver higher fixation strength than other all-suture anchors currently on the market, with its wavelike design providing strength and security that does not rely on bone quality. Meanwhile, its unique handle and safety button provides an audible click when deployed successfully.

Each anchor comes pre-loaded on Ultrabraid high-strength sutures. Smith and Nephew created the design based on feedback from professionals.

Scott Schaffner, vice -president for the global sports medicine franchise at Smith and Nephew, said: "When the design team started working on this anchor, surgeons were very clear with what they wanted … and as a company known for our sports medicine expertise and pioneering products, we knew that we could deliver."

The firm experienced strong growth during 2014, a year that saw it expand the scope of its sports medicine business with the acquisition of ArthroCare.

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