B Braun Medical launches large-volume irrigation containers

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B Braun Medical has announced the launch of 3L lactated ringers for irrigation, completing the firm's XL line of large-volume, flexible irrigation containers.

The leader in infusion therapy and pain management's line now includes 2L and 3L sterile water for irrigation, 0.9 percent sodium chloride for irrigation and 3L 1.5 percent glycine for irrigation USP.

“B Braun Medical has launched 3L lactated ringers for irrigation.“

Rick Williamson, vice-president of pharmaceutical marketing at B Braun, commented: "B Braun has been a pioneer in developing fluid containers that are environmentally friendly and focused on patient safety."

He added that the firm was excited about the launch of its TITAN XL line of robust, safe and effective irrigation containers, which Mr Williamson feels complements B Braun's broad family of IV containers.

With the new vessel, the firm will further expand its line of solution containers that are not made with natural rubber latex, DEHP or PVC, which is better for both the patient and the environment.

B Braun says it is firmly committed to finding alternative methods of manufacturing safer products.

The company is a proud member of Practice Greenhealth, an organisation for institutions and businesses based in the healthcare sector that are looking to reduce their environmental footprints.

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