BMI Healthcare revamps intensive therapy unit at London Independent Hospital

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BMI Healthcare has announced the launch of a refurbished new intensive therapy unit at its London Independent Hospital, following a 40,000 pound investment.

Designed to expand the level of critical care the hospital can offer to local and international patients, the new unit is equipped with six Level III beds, with five isolation rooms and capacity for three patients requiring high dependency Level II care.

“BMI Healthcare has launched a new enhanced intensive therapy unit at its London Independent Hospital.“

It also provides a renal dialysis outpatient service for patients with chronic renal failure who require treatment for other conditions, with a team of consultant intensive care anaesthetists offering care for patients that require complex multi-organ support.

The addition expands the critical care services offered at the hospital to include non-invasive and invasive mechanical ventilation, continuous haemodynamic and intracranial pressure monitoring, inotropic support and Intra-Aortic Balloon Pump Therapy.

Kirsty Baker, executive director at BMI's London Independent Hospital, said: "This investment will allow us to expand our reach on an international basis, while also increasing complexity and the growing range of tertiary medicine we are able to provide to UK patients."

Earlier this month, the private healthcare provider announced the appointment of Jan Thomas as its new NHS commercial director, who joined the company from UnitedHealth UK.

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