Merck Millipore launches flow cytometry-assisted nuclear translocation kit

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Merck Millipore has announced the launch of its new NFkB Translocation kit, which permits quantitative and statistically robust assessment of the process of NFkB translocation.

NFkB is a transcription factor that is a common target for research due to its central role in regulating key mammalian cell processes, including proliferation, inflammation, immune and stress responses.

“Merck Millipore has launched its new NFkB Translocation kit, which allows researchers to better study a key transcription factor involved in cell processes.“

The new kit uses imaging flow cytometry to obtain statistically significant quantitative assessment of NFkB translocation, as well as visual identification of the translocation at a single-cell level.

It is designed for use with the Amnis ImageStream X Mark II and the Amnis FlowSight imaging flow cytometers, which combine the quantitative power of flow cytometry with the spatial information provided by microscopy.

Dr Patrick Schneider, head of bioscience at Merck Millipore, said: "Availability of the Amnis imaging flow systems in combination with the new NFkB Translocation kit provides immunology and cell biology researchers an easier, higher throughput way to further explore the mechanisms of action of this important transcription factor and reveal insights into targeting its signaling pathway for therapeutic purposes."

The company will soon be greatly expanding its business capabilities following the takeover of fellow life sciences company Sigma-Aldrich.

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