New blogging project to shine light on mental health experiences

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People with mental health issues are being invited to share testimony of their experiences via a blogging project being launched by Public Health England.

Dubbed A Day in the Life, the initiative encourages participants to explain what makes their mental health better and what makes it worse by submitting a 700-word blog on set days as part of the year-long scheme.

“A new government blogging project to capture everyday experiences of people living with mental health difficulties.“

It aims to provide an insight into the lives of people with mental health difficulties to help inform the development of policies and projects that better meet their needs, while educating the wider public of the reality of mental health issues.

Bloggers will be asked to write about the same days, starting on November 7th 2014 and followed by three more dates in winter 2014, spring 2015 and summer 2015.

Professor Kevin Fenton, director of health and wellbeing at Public Health England, said: "People signing up will know that their contributions will help health professionals, policymakers and commissioners to understand what helps, and what needs to be improved."

This comes as part of wider government efforts to improve the profile of mental health care, ensuring it is treated as an equal priority to physical health in future.

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