Geistlich Pharma discloses positive outcome of trademark dispute

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Geistlich Pharma has reached a satisfactory settlement with a South Korean competitor over a trademark law dispute, it announced last week.

In a statement issued on September 30th, the company disclosed that it had successfully defended its Bio-Oss bone replacement material against Osstem's B-Oss product, which was launched on South Korean market in 2013.

ā€œGeistlich Pharma has disclosed the positive outcome of a trademark dispute with a South Korean competitor.ā€œ

It claimed that B-Oss represented an infringement of its trademark rights, as well as an instance of unfair competition.

Osstem agreed to the settlement on May 12th and has pledged to withdraw the product, as well as destroy all stock that carries its name and packaging.

Commenting on the positive outcome of the court case, Geistlich said: "This success underlines the strength of the trademark Bio-Oss.

"Geistlich Pharma defends its trademarks rights in order to protect its Swiss quality products from unfair competition."

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