Pfizer to provide support for African immunisation projects

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Pfizer has announced that it will be donating around $2 million (1.22 million pounds) in grants to support 'last-mile' vaccine coverage projects in Africa.

Provided via the Pfizer Foundation, the donations will support pilot programmes to improve immunisation coverage and help reach underserved populations in Ethiopia, Malawi, Rwanda, Uganda and Zambia.

“Pfizer has agreed to provide $2 million in funding to support projects to broaden immunisation coverage in Africa.“

Recipients will include UNICEF, Save the Children and the International Rescue Committee, with grants to focus on building capacity of healthcare systems and ensure that efficient and sustainable vaccine supplies are available to children who need them.

Although the number of child deaths in sub-Saharan Africa has dropped by 39 percent since 1990, faster progress is needed to meet targets set out in the UN Millennium Development Goals.

Susan Silbermann, president of Pfizer Vaccines, said: "Infrastructure challenges, security concerns and capacity limitations, among others, continue to be obstacles for last-mile healthcare delivery, including getting medicines and vaccines to people who need them when they need them."

The Pfizer Foundation is a charitable organisation established by the pharmaceutical company as a key element of its corporate social responsibility efforts.

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