Ceva study shows need for better oral care for pets

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Ceva Animal Health has announced findings from a new survey showing that dog and cat owners are in need of new oral health solutions for their pets.

According to the survey, one-quarter of dog and cat owners have identified that their pets have bad breath, but nearly half of those questioned have never brushed their pet's teeth, while only one-fifth said their vets had advocated doing so.

“Ceva Animal Health has conducted research showing the market demand for more solutions to help pet owners improve their animal's oral health.“

This research indicates that pet owners would like more advice on routine dental care during consultations, which underlines the need for products such as Ceva's Logic Oral Hygiene Gel and Logic Orozyme Dental Chews.

Micky Blackburn, Logic marketing executive at Ceva Animal Health, said: "With nearly two-thirds of pet owners stating they would seek advice from their vet on dental care, veterinary practices could be capitalising on the importance of routine dental hygiene to their clients."

Both Logic products contain a multi-enzyme patented system that helps to prevent the formation of plaque and combat bad breath. They are designed for use in conjunction with each other.

Ceva's Logic range encompasses a wide selection of veterinary strength supplements and dental products, including the digestive health offering Logic Diar-Stop and the palatable joint supplement Logic Flexivet.

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