Health4Brands launches new committee for smaller charity projects

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Health4Brands has launched a new charity committee called Catalyst4Change, which aims to provide smaller organisations with help to raise their profile.

The agency's new initiative is focused on the central premise of helping smaller charities get their voices heard, with the Eating Stones Fund set to be the first recipient of the committee's assistance, reports PMLiVE.

“Health4Brands has formed a new charity committee with the aim of helping smaller organisations raise their profile.“

A team from Health4Brands has helped the charity - which aims to end hunger and poverty in Kenya - to consolidate its brand with a new campaign that takes advantage of the healthcare comms agency's Creative Business Idea process.

It has also helped to raise funds for the charity through sponsored events such as a 24-hour fast on World Hunger Day, which generated more than £900 for the cause.

Brad Sellars, managing director of Health4Brands in Europe, said: "The thought behind this is that we wanted to ensure that the help that we give has a large impact on both the charity itself, as well as the recipients."

Part of the Havas Health network, Health4Brands has European offices in London, Paris, Milan, Dusseldorf and Madrid, as well as North American bases in New York, New Jersey, Boston and Toronto.

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