Bristol-Myers Squibb reports strong operating results for Q2 2014

Pharmaceutical Company Financials

Bristol-Myers Squibb has highlighted the strong progress it has made in the second quarter of 2014, during which it generated a revenue total of $3.89 billion (2.29 billion pounds).

This represented a four percent decrease year on year, mostly due to the impact of the recent sale of its former diabetes alliance with AstraZeneca earlier in 2014. When excluding this divested business, global revenues increased by seven percent.

“Bristol-Myers Squibb has expressed satisfaction with its financial performance for the second quarter of 2014.“

During the three months, the firm saw strong international sales of key brands such as Eliquis, Yervoy, Sprycel and Orencia, while achieving important regulatory milestones across its portfolio in Japan, Europe and the US.

Additionally, a new strategic immuno-oncology collaboration agreement with Ono Pharmaceutical was initiated, one of several research collaborations that will strengthen the company's leadership position in this field.

Lamberto Andreotti, chief executive officer at Bristol-Myers Squibb, said: "These results reflect the promise of our late-stage pipeline, the strong performance of our in-line products and the continued success of our strategy in driving growth for the company."

The firm was recently named the leading corporate citizen of 2014 by Corporate Responsibility magazine, having previously topped the rankings in 2009 and 2012.

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