Idexx Laboratories launches groundbreaking new whipworm test

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Idexx Laboratories has announced the launch of a groundbreaking whipworm antigen test that has the potential to detect infections in dogs earlier than current diagnostic methods.

It is the industry's first enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA) for whipworm antigen detection and the only test capable of directly detecting the presence of an adult whipworm parasite.

“Idexx Laboratories has introduced the first whipworm antigen test capable of detecting adult parasites.“

Previous techniques could only detect whipworm infections by the presence of eggs in the faeces. It can take up to three months for an adult whipworm to produce eggs, meaning infected animals often go untreated for months.

Idexx's research shows its new ELISA can detect more than double the number of infections in dogs when combined with traditional ova and parasite testing, allowing for earlier diagnosis, management and treatment.

Adam Potter, product manager at Idexx Laboratories, said: "We are committed to providing solutions for our customers to help deliver better care to pets, while creating strong relationships between veterinarians and pet owners."

This comes after the firm expanded its premises in Westbrook, Maine last month, a move that will help to bolster its business capabilities.

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