Ceva Animal Health launches ConfidenceEQ equine relaxing gel

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Ceva Animal Health has announced the launch of ConfidenceEQ, a new product that can help horses of all ages to manage new or unexpected situations.

The innovative gel formulation is an exact copy of the equine appeasing pheromone that mares produce as they nurse their foals. It can make animals feel safe and secure when encountering unknown scenarios and environments.

“Ceva Animal Health has launched ConfidenceEQ, a gel product that can decrease stress and anxiety among horses.“

Applied to the horse's nostril 30 minutes before any stressful event, the transparent, odourless substance has been proven to help horses of all ages to better handle situations such as travelling, clipping, changes in routine and exposure to loud noises.

According to research from Ceva, around 90 percent of horse owners believe their animals suffer signs of stress or anxiety, with 84 percent wishing to minimise these signs.

Claire Russell, ConfidenceEQ product manager at Ceva Animal Health, said: "We are sure that ConfidenceEQ will become a valuable tool to help decrease stress and build confidence to enable horses of all ages to manage new or unexpected situations."

The company is also responsible for producing the leading pet behaviour products Adaptil and Feliway. It has seen strong growth in recent months and adopted a new capital structure earlier this month in order to accelerate this progress.

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