Thornton and Ross launches new lotion for eczema and dry skin

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Thornton and Ross has announced the launch of Cetraben lotion, the latest addition to its trusted Cetraben emollient range.

The new product is a leave-on lotion that represents an easy-to-apply, cosmetically acceptable and non-greasy treatment option for all stages of eczema and dry skin. It will be priced competitively, while offering various advantages over other comparable products.

“Thornton and Ross has launched Cetraben lotion, a new treatment for eczema and dry skin.“

Since it contains nearly twice as much paraffin as other market-leading brands, it performs better in terms of its ability to rehydrate the skin and retain moisture. It is also the only emollient lotion available in an innovative airless pump dispenser that can minimise the risk of bacterial cultivation compared to pots.

Suitable for use by patients of all ages, its launch will improve patient choice and support complete emollient therapy - the use of creams, lotions and ointments together with soap substitutes for the best possible results.

Denika Fletcher, assistant brand manager at Thornton and Ross, said: "Thornton and Ross is committed to providing high-quality healthcare products, designed to improve the quality of life of people affected by eczema and dry skin conditions."

The company has been able to expand its global capabilities in the last few months following its takeover by German healthcare company Stada Arzneimittel last year in a deal worth 221.12 million pounds.

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