Geistlich Pharma launches upgraded corporate website

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Geistlich Pharma has announced the launch of a revamped and updated corporate website, with a fresh design, user-friendly architecture and a wider selection of information.

Tailored to meet the requirements of specialist clinic personnel and their patients, the site now offers therapy concepts with case studies and easy-to-understand video material, alongside the existing product information.

“Geistlich Pharma has launched an updated version of its corporate website, offering a wider range of guidance for clinical personnel and patients.“

For example, users can find videos on topics such as soft tissue regeneration, periimplantitis, covering multiple recessions and gaining keratinised tissue, each of which features insights from recognised industry experts.

Meanwhile, video material for computers or tablets can be downloaded for patient consultations, with PDFs of brochures available to can be printed out for patients to take home with them.

The company said: "Geistlich Pharma is convinced that it offers its customers added value with the new website by providing clear and relevant information with modern web architecture."

Geistlich Pharma is based in Switzerland and has affiliates in the UK, Germany, Italy, France, China, Brazil, South Korea and North America.

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