Agilent Technologies announces appointment of George Scangos

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Agilent Technologies has announced George Scangos, chief executive officer and director of Biogen Idec, has been appointed to its board of directors.

He will take his place from September and it will be the latest step in a distinguished career in the sector. Prior to working at Biogen, Dr Scangos served as president and chief executive officer at Exelixis Inc and was previously president of Bayer Biotechnology.

“Agilent Technologies has announced George Scangos will take a place on the board from September.“

"I am delighted to welcome Dr Scangos to the board," said James Cullen, Agilent chairman. "He has an extraordinary combination of biotechnology and business expertise along with insights that come from running a large successful global pharma company."

Agilent's strong history of innovation and integrity was one of the reasons that Dr Scangos was attracted to the role. He added that he looks forward to contributing to its future direction and growth. 

Dr Scangos replaces David Lawrence, who is retiring from the Agilent board after more than a decade of service.

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