Mettler Toledo's production manager stresses need for accuracy and simplicity

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Mettler Toledo's global production manager believes there is a growing demand for accuracy and precision in food laboratories.

Simon Taylor told FoodProductionDaily that regulatory bodies and lab leaders want simplicity.

“Mettler Toledo's production manager has outlined the growing need for precision in food laboratories.“

He explained that lab workers are starting to see the impact of regulatory changes such as the Food Modernization Act.   

"This meant that every laboratory, where balances are used to accurately weigh analytical substances, had to have their balances re-assessed to ensure they were meeting the new criteria," said Mr Taylor.

Mettler Toledo's Good Weighing Practice has been designed to help lab managers select the proper balance for a given application as well as calibrate the machines used in the process.

One example of where these practices have been useful is the determination of aflatoxin levels in peanuts.

Mr Taylor added that his company are always looking at ways to take the stress of data management away from the lab technician.

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