3M rolls out enhancements to Tegaderm dressings lineup

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3M has launched a newly enhanced lineup of Tegaderm IV Advanced Securement Dressings, stating nine in ten clinicians report improved performance compared with the last-generation product.

The raft of enhancements promise more secure fitting, longer wear time and easier application. Doctors polled by the company said the new dressings also improve catheter stabilisation and reduce the number of unscheduled changes.

“3M has launched a new lineup of Tegaderm IV Advanced Securement Dressings.“

3M Tegaderm IV Advanced Securement Dressings are designed to facilitate continuous observation while providing a waterproof, sterile barrier that prevents external contaminants infecting the site.

They use innovative adhesives to both manage moisture and allow for gentle removal, and can be worn for up to seven days with a central venous catheter, or for the entire life of a peripheral venous catheter.

"At 3M, we never stop striving for better design," commented Wendy Rens, global business director for 3M Critical and Chronic Care Solutions. "These enhancements to Tegaderm I.V. Advanced Securement dressings reflect our commitment to ongoing innovation."

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