BMI Healthcare doctor wins honour for migraine research

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BMI Healthcare has congratulated a doctor at its London Independent Hospital after he received international recognition for his breakthrough migraine research.

Dr Farooq Maniyar, who practices at the medical facility in Stepney Green, has been presented with the Harold G Wolff Lecture honour by the American Headache Society. Dr Maniyar travelled to Boston to receive the accolade, which is one of the most prestigious in this field.

“BMI Healthcare has highlighted the international recognition that a doctor at one of its London hospitals has received following his pioneering research in the field of migraines.“

His team examined brain activity in patients during the early stages and through the course of migraines, revealing changes in key areas of the brain, particularly the hypothalamus.

Previous studies have concentrated on the theory that migraines begin in the surrounding nerves and blood vessels, so further research into the role of the hypothalamus - which maintains the normal environment of the brain - could yield actionable results.

Dr Maniyar said: "It seems to be involved in the early stages of a migraine, which may explain why these headaches occur when people change their routine in a way that causes them stress."

Earlier this month, the company announced the launch of a new BMI Active for Life campaign aimed at raising awareness of bone and joint health issues in London, with the backing of former Olympic athlete Steve Backley.

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