BMI Healthcare wins Olympic hero's support on bone health campaign

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BMI Healthcare has announced that a former British Olympic athlete has agreed to support its new campaign to raise awareness of bone and joint health in London.

One-time javelin world record holder Steve Backley will help the private healthcare provider to raise the profile of its new BMI Active for Life campaign, which aims to draw attention to the growing number of people each year undergoing knee, hip and other joint replacement procedures.

“BMI Healthcare has earned the support of former Olympic athlete Steve Backley on a new bone and joint health awareness campaign.“

Backley, who had a hip replacement in 2005, has stressed the need to lead an active and healthy life to reduce their chances of needing surgery, as well as highlighting the benefits these operations can provide to those with pre-existing bone and joint ailments.

David Henderson, executive director at BMI The King's Oak and Cavell in Enfield, said: "We hope that the BMI Active for Life campaign will help raise awareness around the issues surrounding bone and joint health."

This comes after the company allied with 3d Leisure to provide a combined employee wellbeing solution to businesses last month.

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