Dechra launches 360-degree antibiotic spray for livestock

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Dechra Veterinary Products has launched a new topical antibiotic for livestock, designed for easy application in cattle, sheep and pigs.

The 360-degree Cyclo Spray can has been developed for use at any angle - even upside down - so vets dealing with stubborn animals can apply the treatment quickly and easily, without having the antibiotic drip or miss the intended target.

“Dechra Veterinary Products has introduced a new 360-degree antibiotic spray, suitable for use on cattle, sheep and pigs.“

Cyclo Spray is comprised of chlortetracycline hydrochloride 2.45 percent and indicated for the treatment of superficial claw and hoof infections. It can also be used to safeguard against infection at the site of superficial traumatic or surgical wounds.

In particular, the antibiotic is an effective treatment for interdigital dermatitis in sheep and digital dermatitis in cattle.

Emma Jennings, veterinary products brand manager at Dechra, commented on the launch of the 360-degree can: "Vets dealing with livestock can often find that they are twisting themselves into awkward positions to get to hard to reach sites … We've introduced Cyclo Spray to our portfolio to help combat some of those difficulties."

The 360-degree Cyclo Spray can is available in 211 ml and 422 ml sizes.

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