Ansell study shows benefits of antimicrobial surgical gloves

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Ansell has announced the findings of a new study showing the sanitary and infection prevention risks of antimicrobial surgical gloves.

The company-backed study revealed that gloves of this kind hold the potential to decrease the risk of surgical site infections, as the antimicrobial agent can suppress the regrowth of bacteria on surgeons' hands in the event of a glove breach.

“Ansell has reported data from a recent study showing the benefits antimicrobial surgical gloves can provide in preventing surgical site infection risks.“

Glove breaches have been shown to be common in medical settings, occurring in up to 65 percent of surgeries, while up to 83 percent of these incidents are not noticed by surgeons.

Ansell manufactures a wide range of gloves for use in healthcare settings, including its Gammex powder-free surgical glove with AMT antimicrobial technology.

Anthony Lopez, president and general manager at Ansell Medical Solutions, said: "With protection and performance at the forefront of everything we do, we will continue to innovate in the surgical glove space to provide new safety solutions worldwide."

This comes after the firm announced earlier this month that it will be expanding the availability of its advanced medical gloves to the Chinese market.

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