Integrated DNA Technologies explores 3D nanostructures in latest newsletter

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Integrated DNA Technologies has announced the launch of the latest issue of Decoded, its quarterly newsletter, which includes a new guide to building 3D nanostructures with synthetic DNA.

The newsletter explores the work of Dr Pen Yin, assistant professor of systems biology at Harvard Medical School, who has been harnessing the base pairing properties of DNA to create 3D structures of DNA bricks.

“Integrated DNA Technologies has launched the latest issue of its quarterly newsletter Decoded, which includes an exploration of 3D nanostrucuture technology from Dr Pen Yin.“

Based on short DNA oligos that assemble at right-angles to form 3D units of interlocking sequences, this new nano-construction technique has been supported with high-quality oligonucleotides provided by Integrated DNA Technologies.

These DNA bricks have a highly modular structure, making them easier to use, and are inspiring future applications such as catalysts, drug compounds and nanometre-scaled electrical circuit boards.

Integrated DNA Technologies said: "Where virtually carving the shape is possible by adding or removing specific voxels, it will be interesting to see where this innovative nanostructure technology will lead."

Earlier this month, the company launched its new xGen Universal Blocking Oligos, which are intended for use in enhancing the performance of target capture experiments.

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