Agilent Technologies holds life science workshops

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Agilent Technologies is hosting a pair of life science workshops in the US discussing integrated approaches to disease research and drug development.

The first will be taking place in San Diego today (December 11th 2013) and will focus on omics approaches to understanding disease, while the second will be held on December 12th in San Francisco Bay and will concern the implementation of multi-omics approaches, from discovery to clinical research.

“Agilent Technologies is holding life science workshops in California on December 11th and 12th.“

Guests will hear presentations from leading scientists using Agilent's latest integrated biology technologies, including Dr Robert Gerszten, Antoni Wandycz, Dr Gary Siuzdak, Dr Carlito Lebrilla and Dr Roger Linington.

Leo Bonilla, Agilent's director of integrated biology, said: "These exciting events are designed for life scientists and clinicians involved in translational research and others interested in learning more about the power of pathway-guided multi-omics approaches to understanding the biological mechanisms of diseases."

Last month, the company announced new collaborations with the University of Queensland and the Daegu Gyeongbuk Institute of Science and Technology, which will focus on oral cancer and neurometabolomics respectively.

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