Integrated DNA Technologies launches newsletter with PCR guide

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Integrated DNA Technologies has announced the launch of its latest issue of Decoded, its quarterly newsletter, which includes an expert guide to polymerase chain reaction (PCR) experiments.

Developed by scientists at Tetracore in Rockville, the guide provides information on how to boost the signal-to-noise ratio in their PCR assays by choosing the most suitable probe dyes - an important issue when it comes to multiplex PCR formats.

“Integrated DNA Technologies has launched the latest issue of its Decoded newsletter, which includes a detailed guide to polymerase chain reactions.“

Tetracore specialises in developing diagnostic qPCR assays for detecting infectious diseases and bioterrorism agents and is an Integrated DNA Technologies customer, having used its Zen Double-Quenched Probes in its operations.

These probes include an internal quencher that is able to significantly reduce background fluorescence, thereby vastly increasing the multiplexing capacity of PCR assays to provide sufficient discrimination for accurate disease detection.

Last month, Integrated DNA Technologies was able to share expertise with the life science community by attending the 2013 SynBioBeta synthetic biology conference, where Dr Adam Clore gave a presentation on gene construction.

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