NHS England advises early action on winter health problems

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People across England have been called upon to be vigilant about looking after their own health this winter in order to ease pressures on accident and emergency departments.

According to NHS data, waiting times for emergency care tend to be longer during the colder months, with a much higher proportion of elderly and vulnerable patients with complex care needs being admitted.

“NHS England has called on people across the country to be proactive about managing their own health over the winter period.“

As such, NHS England is calling for an improvement in the quality and efficiency of care provided to these patients during this crucial time, while also advising at-risk patients and their carers and loved ones to take extra precautions.

This could include seeking early advice from GPs or pharmacists when they feel unwell, in order to avoid a trip to hospital later down the line.

Professor Mike Morgan, national clinical director for respiratory at NHS England, said: "My message to the public is simple: look after yourself this winter."

This is one of a number of steps the government is currently taking to make sure that recent pressures on NHS accident and emergency services is brought back to sustainable levels.

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