Smith and Nephew to launch Healicoil Regenesorb suture anchor

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Smith and Nephew has announced the forthcoming launch of the Healicoil Regenesorb suture anchor at an Arthroscopy Association of North America event in Las Vegas.

Launching soon in the US, the device is an advanced biocomposite material for use in arthroscopic surgery, the first of its kind to use the company's proprietary Regenesorb material.

“Smith and Nephew is launching the Healicoil Regenesorb suture anchor, a new advanced biocomposite material for use in arthroscopic surgery.“

This advanced biocomposite has been shown in preclinical studies to be absorbed and replaced by bone within 24 months. It also adds a second osteoconductive component, calcium sulfate, which works in the early stages of healing and can lead to increased levels of local growth factors.

It builds on the success of its predecessor, the Healicoil PK Suture Anchor, which set a new standard for innovation upon its release.

Brad Cannon, president for endoscopy, trauma and extremities at Smith and Nephew, said: "With Healicoil Regenesorb, we combined the benefits of that design with an advanced material to raise the standard even higher."

This comes after the firm announced the appointment of veteran businessman Roberto Quarta as its chairman elect and non-executive director last month.

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