Elanco launches new e-newsletter on flea infestations

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Elanco has announced the launch of the second issue of its dermatology e-newsletter Under the Skin, which will be guest edited again by veterinary skin health specialist Dr Peri Lau-Gillard.

Focusing on the problem of flea infestations, the newsletter will remind animal health professionals of the lifecycle of fleas and provide an overview of their role as parasites and vectors.

“Elanco has released the second issue of its new dermatology e-newsletter, which focuses on the problem of flea infestations.“

Other topics will include the pros and cons of seasonal treatment versus year-round prevention tactics, how to deal with treatment failure, tips on flea combing and faecal examination and information on spinosad, the active ingredient in Elanco's product Comfortis.

Vets will also be able to watch the recent real-world flea control webinar, presented by expert Dr Mike Dryden, as well as a film demonstrating the effect of the Comfortis tablet on adult fleas.

Elanco added that the third issue of the e-newsletter will also focus on fleas, specifically their role in causing allergic skin disease.

The online publication was introduced earlier this year to help vets to stay informed on a range of skin conditions, with the debut issue focusing on otitis.

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