Virbac resumes sales of Ovarid tablets

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Virbac has announced that its megestrol acetate tablet therapy Ovarid is now back in stock following the resolution of a manufacturing issue that has disrupted supplies since February 2013.

The tablets are used in the postponement or prevention of oestrus in male dogs and cats, as well as the treatment of hypersexuality in canines and to combat miliary dermatitis and eosinophilic granulomata in felines.

“Virbac has been able to re-commence sales of its megestrol acetate therapy Ovarid after resolving a recent manufacturing problem.“

Given the demand for the product among owners of cats suffering miliary eczema, Virbac has been recalling unused Ovarid stock from practices to ensure it was able to provide supplies to treat emergency cases.

Chris Geddes, senior product manager at Virbac, thanked vets that were able to return unused products for their cooperation and patience.

He explained: "We were able to supply emergency supplies for the treatment of miliary eczema to every practice that asked for it. We also managed to help out some zoos which needed supplies for frisky sea lions and lions."

This comes after the firm allied with the European Veterinary Dental Society to launch an online dental charting tool called the Electronic Veterinary Dental Scoring System for small animal health practitioners last month.

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