Eschmann and Portsmouth University launch dental decontamination suite

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Eschmann has helped the University of Portsmouth's dental academy to launch a training facility that will help students learn how to use decontamination equipment.

The training suite is sponsored by Eschmann and will provide guidance on the practical elements of sterilisation in a safe environment, thus preparing them for using the academy's actual decontamination suite, which can only be operated by trained technicians.

“Eschmann has partnered with the University of Portsmouth on the launch of a new training facility to help students learn how to use decontamination equipment.“

It offers training on all aspects of decontamination and infection control - from instrument cleaning to testing and validation - and will be used by student dental therapists and dental nurses.

A special event was held to mark the launch of the facility, attended by dean of science Professor Paul Hayes, dental academy director Sara Holmes and various Eschmann representatives, as well as staff, students and members of the dental press.

Clinical director John Weld expressed delight over the partnership with Eschmann, saying: "By allowing students to practise on industry-standard equipment, we are better preparing them for working in the dental profession once they graduate."

Eschmann has been operating since 1830 and is a leading manufacturer of medical equipment and technology, spanning a wide range of applications.

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