Novartis provides update from treatment-free CML trial

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Novartis has announced the latest milestone in a unique clinical trial programme assessing the potential for patients with Philadelphia chromosome-positive chronic myeloid leukaemia (CML) to attain treatment-free remission.

More than 100 study sites across over 40 countries are now enrolling patients to the trial programme, which aims to evaluate whether CML patients can maintain undetectable levels of disease after stopping nilotinib therapy.

“Novartis has provided an update on a groundbreaking research programme to see if patients with a certain type of chronic myeloid leukaemia can live treatment-free.“

Nilotinib has already been shown in large clinical trials to drive deeper levels of responses among CML patients than a leading alternative, suggesting that treatment-free remission could be an attainable goal.

Herve Hoppenot, president of Novartis Oncology, said: "We are now looking to the next phase and exploring if nilotinib can treat the disease to a point where drug therapy is no longer needed."

Novartis provided this latest update to coincide with World CML Day on September 22nd 2013, a global initiative spearheaded by the CML Advocates Network and backed by numerous healthcare organisations.

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