Unilever launches renewable chemicals research collaboration

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Unilever is allying with the University of Liverpool to launch a three-year renewable chemical research project.

The initiative will see the organisations looking at ways of developing chemicals from the surplus sugars, fats, oils and carbohydrates produced via commodity by-products and forestry wastes, for use in the production of home and personal care products.

“Unilever and the University of Liverpool are launching joint research into renewable chemicals for use in the production of home and personal care products.“

Through the partnership, Unilever will create a centre of excellence in the identification of sustainably sourced ingredients, thus reducing the company's reliance on fossil fuels and the overall environmental impact of its operations.

Paul Jenkins, Unilever's research director, said: "It is the latest example of Unilever partnering with a leading academic institution to develop expertise to come up with practical solutions to long-term challenges."

Developing sustainably-sourced and future-proof materials comes as part of the Unilever Sustainable Living Plan, a strategy that aims to double the size of the business while reducing its environmental impact.

Earlier this year, the firm announced that it has successfully reduced its carbon dioxide emissions from manufacturing and logistics by one million tonnes since 2008.

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