Cook Medical resumes supply of Zilver PTX stent

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Cook Medical has announced that it has resumed shipping of its Zilver PTX drug-eluting peripheral stent to medical centres in major markets such as the US, Europe and Japan.

The global supply of the device was recently disrupted by a voluntary recall initiated by Cook Medical in order to address a separation issue with the delivery catheter tip that has now been resolved.

“Cook Medical has recommenced shipping of the Zilver PTX drug-eluting peripheral stent to the US, Europe and Japan.“

Zilver PTX became the first drug-eluting peripheral stent in the world approved for peripheral artery disease in the superficial femoral artery when it was first introduced in Europe in 2009, with US and Japanese approvals following in 2012.

Tens of thousands of patients in more than 50 markets across the world have been treated using the device since it became available.

Rob Lyles, vice-president and global leader of Cook's peripheral intervention clinical division, said: "Clinical trials have shown that compared to bare metal stents, Zilver PTX provides longer-lasting results and cuts the need for repeat procedures in half."

Last month, the company allied with IU Health to evaluate a potential new stent-based treatment for peripheral arterial disease in a study called Format.

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