Greiner Bio-One launches artificial skin to replace animal testing

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Greiner Bio-One has announced the launch of ThinCert cell culture inserts, an artificial skin offering for use in life science research and product testing applications.

These perfectly replicated skin models incorporate human skin cells and feature the same properties and functions as normal human skin, meaning they react even more authentically than animal skin to cosmetics in testing.

“Greiner Bio-One has introduced ThinCert cell culture inserts, a new artificial skin solution that can offer an alternative to animal testing.“

A wide variety of different options will be made available to accommodate numerous different multiwell plate sizes and pore diameters.

Greiner Bio-One is launching the products during the same month that European trade in cosmetics tested on animals becomes prohibited under the EU Cosmetics Regulation.

The manufacturer said: "ThinCert inserts are thus ideal not only for primary cell cultures but also for transport, secretion and diffusion studies, migration experiments, cytotoxicity tests, co-cultures and transepithelial electrical resistance measurements."

This comes after the firm introduced a new 15 ml size option for its CELLreactor system last month.

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