Children's mental health services to utilise tablet computers

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The government is making advanced handheld technology available to children's mental health service providers across England in order to improve their standard of care.

A total of 42 sites will receive tablet computers for use in therapy sessions, providing patients and clinicians with instant access to information that tracks progress and details how close they are to achieving treatment goals.

Backed by a fund of nearly two million pounds, the initiative has been launched based on research showing that monitoring treatment outcomes and goals in this way can help improve recovery rates in children and young people, while and enhancing levels of satisfaction in services.

Care and support minister Norman Lamb said: "Acting early to help children with mental health problems can prevent a lifetime of suffering, as half of those with lifelong mental health problems first experience symptoms before the age of 14."

This comes as part of wider efforts by the government to provide a greater range of treatment choices for mental health conditions, with a particular focus on non-medication-based therapeutic approaches.

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