New NHS pledge to end poor care for learning disability patients

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New plans have been outlined by the government to revolutionise the way people with learning disabilities or autism are cared for, with the aim of ending poor standards seen in some parts of the country.

The government has made a commitment to move every person learning disability patient out of long-stay hospital who does not need to be there, with the cases of all patients in current placements to be reviewed by June 2013.

Moreover, efforts will be made to ensure everyone inappropriately being cared for in hospital will move to community-based support as quickly as possible, alongside a series of additional measures to improve transparency and accountability.

Care and support minister Norman Lamb said: "People with learning disabilities or autism who also have mental health conditions or challenging behaviour ... have a right to be given the support and care they need in the community."

This comes as part of the government's response to the scandal arising from an investigation into practices at Winterbourne View Hospital, where it was discovered that vulnerable patients were being mistreated and physically abused in some cases.

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