Radiometer AQT90 Flex analyser praised by Barnsley Hospital

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Radiometer has highlighted the positive testimony that Barnsley Hospital has given its AQT90 Flex analyser since the device was installed at the facility's emergency department.

The hospital is using the analyser to carry out assessments of patients presenting themselves with chest pain far more rapidly than would be possible using traditional troponin tests.

Sample tubes are placed directly into the analyser, eliminating the need for further handling of blood samples and reagents and allowing low-risk patients to undergo cardiac marker assessment both upon arrival and again 90 minutes later.

Assuming all test results come back normal, patients can be discharged within four hours, compared to the 12-hour wait associated with troponin tests.

Dr James Griffiths, a consultant in emergency medicine at Barnsley Hospital, said: "It's better for the patient, and the benefit to the hospital is that it reduces admissions and relieves pressure on acute care beds."

Earlier this year, the AQT90 Flex won additional praise from the Liverpool Women's NHS Foundation Trust due to the improvement in care standards provided by the device.

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