GlaxoSmithKline reports positive phase III data for HIV drug

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GlaxoSmithKline has unveiled encouraging clinical trial data for the once-daily HIV treatment dolutegravir via Shionogi-ViiV Healthcare.

The integrase inhibitor demonstrated superiority in a phase III study against the market-leading drug Atripla, which is manufactured by Gilead.

At 48 weeks, 88 percent of study participants taking dolutegravir were virologically suppressed, compared with 81 percent of patients using Atripla.

Shionogi-ViiV Healthcare is a joint venture between Japanese pharmaceutical firm Shionogi and ViiV, the company set up by GlaxoSmithKline and Pfizer in 2009 to focus on HIV treatments.

Dr John Pottage, chief medical officer at ViiV Healthcare, described the phase III data for dolutegravir as "an important milestone in the development of dolutegravir-based regimens, including a single-tablet regimen, and also for the Shionogi-ViiV Healthcare joint venture".

Full results of the study, which is the second of four phase III trials of the drug being completed this year, are due to be presented at forthcoming scientific meetings.

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