Allergan product could offer decrease in incontinence

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Allergan has revealed that phase III clinical trials of Botox as a potential treatment option for patients with idiopathic overactive bladders reached the positive conclusion previously anticipated by the company.

This suggests it could conceivably be used to reduce episodes of urinary incontinence in patients, especially those not adequately managed by an anticholinergic treatment.

Based on the results of the two phase III trials, Allergan has submitted a licence application to the European regulatory authorities as well as to the US Food and Drug Administration.

Scott Whitcup, Allergan's executive vice-president and chief scientific officer for research and development, said the company is pleased with the result.

"We look forward to potentially expanding the use of Botox as a treatment option following approval by the respective regulatory agencies," added Mr Whitcup.

This comes after the company announced its results for the fourth quarter, reporting a 7.2 percent increase in net sales and an 8.9 percent growth in speciality pharmaceutical sales.  

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