Novo Nordisk to open children's diabetes clinic in Bangladesh

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Novo Nordisk has announced the launch of a new clinic for children affected by type 1 diabetes in the impoverished nation of Bangladesh.

The clinic will be the largest of its kind in the country and will be incorporated as part of the facilities at Bangladesh Institute for Research in Diabetes, Endocrinology and Metabolism Hospital.

It will include four clinical rooms for testing and treatment, with around 1,500 children to be enrolled, while a conference hall will also be provided for professional training and educational sessions for families about disease management.

This comes as part of the company's Changing Diabetes in Children scheme, which aims to create a treatment infrastructure for young diabetes sufferers in nine developing nations.

Jesper Hoiland, senior vice-president of Novo Nordisk's international operations, said: "Bangladesh is an incredibly important country for us to learn how to work through partnerships to ease the lives of the millions of patients here."

This comes after the company established a new centre for type 1 diabetes research in Seattle earlier this year.

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