Radiometer's AQT90 Flex aids emergency care standards in Liverpool

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Radiometer's AQT90 Flex laboratory measurement tool has won praise from the Liverpool Women's NHS Foundation Trust after the device helped the organisation to achieve improved care standards.

The system has been utilised by the trust's gynaecology emergency room and early pregnancy assessment unit to carry out rapid human chorionic gonadotrophin testing in order to enhance acute care provision.

Because the facility treats up to 20,000 patients a year for pain and bleeding in early pregnancy, this method of testing is vital to providing accurate clinical diagnoses, but in the past the hospital has had to send samples to a neighbouring facility to have them analysed.

Since installing the AQT90 Flex, the Liverpool hospital is now able to receive test results in only 18 minutes.

Ruth Stubbs, matron for gynaecology at the trust, added: "Being able to perform this test within the department has also reduced the administration burden for requesting and reporting, giving staff more time to care for patients."

This comes after the Blackpool Victoria Hospital also offered praise for the AQT90 Flex analyser earlier this year.

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