Bausch and Lomb expands PureVision 2 HD contact lens range

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Bausch and Lomb has announced plans to expand its range of PureVision 2 HD For Astigmatism contact lenses with the addition of new powers.

The first wave of new lenses are being introduced this month, extending the sphere powers offered to plano to minus 9.00D and cylinder powers of minus 0.75D, minus 1.25D, minus 1.75D and minus 2.25D in ten-degree increments around the clock.

Meanwhile, the second wave will arrive in May 2012 and will include plus powers up to 6.00D, with the entire range set to be available across the same four cylinder powers.

PureVision2 HD For Astigmatism lenses were introduced to the marketplace in October 2011 and have seen a positive response among ocular health experts.

"A new study conducted by Bausch and Lomb amongst eye care professionals showed that these professionals report they will recommend PureVision2 HD For Astigmatism lenses for the vast majority of their toric patients," the company said.

Earlier this year, Bausch and Lomb expanded the availability of its KeraSoft IC silicone hydrogel lenses, created by UK-based UltraVision CLPL, by launching them in the US.

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