Anachem launches Rainin PureSpeed pipette tips

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Anachem has announced the launch of Rainin PureSpeed Protein Tips, a new brand of pipette tips that simplify the process of purifying native and recombinant proteins.

The new products feature affinity resins incorporated in the base of the pipette tip, which help to capture, purify and enrich the targeted protein via bidirectional flow of sample volume through the tip bed.

It offers benefits over time-consuming traditional methods such as gravity-fed affinity columns and spin columns, as it draws the sample repeatedly over its resin bed, providing controlled contact time with the resin and higher binding kinetics.

Moreover, the tips' wash and final low-volume elution steps removes contaminants and produce highly concentrated functional proteins, eliminating the risk of false positives.

The manufacturer said: "These innovative tips produce the highest concentration of purified protein, allowing many options for downstream functional assays."

This comes after Anachem launched an online pipette certificate archive earlier this month, which makes it easier for users to review the calibration history of pipettes.

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