Bayer Animal Health acquires KMG Chemicals division

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Bayer Animal Health has agreed a deal to acquire the animal health division of KMG Chemicals, which will greatly strengthen its insecticides business.

The newly-acquired business generated sales of $11.4 million (7.2 million pounds) in 2011 and offers one of the broadest insecticide product lines in the world, including brands such as the Patriot cattle ear tag and the Rabon and Permectrin products.

KMG's offerings help to preserve the health of livestock by repelling insects that can transmit diseases, with products available for cattle, swine, poultry and other animals, plus applications for the premises used to house them.

A statement from the company said: "The transaction will further strengthen Bayer's existing protective insecticides portfolio, allowing the company to offer a broader range of products."

Bayer Animal Health's operations span more than 120 countries across the world and employ a global workforce of nearly 3,000 people, while its product portfolio includes around 100 items.

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