Anachem launches online pipette certificate archive

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Anachem has announced the introduction of a new online archive that makes it easier than ever for laboratory scientists to check the calibration history of pipettes.

The certificate archive is a personalised tool that allows users to track the full calibration history of all of their Anachem-serviced pipettes, with an emphasis on speed and ease of use, as well as security.

Offering multiple search options, it lets laboratory staff retrieve data by serial or certificate number, customer reference ID or by pass or fail status, thus making it easy to instigate remedial actions when a pipette fails its check.

The company states that the new online system is considerably more efficient than traditional paper documentation, particularly when dealing with multiple certificates.

"Especially useful for auditing purposes, the online certificate archiving system gives you quick, easy and totally secure access to your pipette certificates, whenever you want," said Anachem.

Last month, the company announced that it has become the exclusive UK distributor for a new range of molecular engineered reagents from partner Kapa Biosystems.

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