Merck Millipore and Proteomics International to ally on biomarker research

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Merck Millipore has announced a new collaboration with Proteomics International to study biomarkers related to diabetic nephropathy.

The alliance will see Proteomics International assessing thirteen newly identified putative protein biomarkers using multiplex immunoassays from Merck Millipore, including proteins involved in metabolism, inflammation and oxidative stress.

Diabetic nephropathy is a potentially significant complication of diabetes that can lead to kidney failure, but screening for the condition is currently limited to use of the microalbumin test, which offers only limited efficacy.

The new biomarkers could be used to monitor the progression and prognosis of kidney disease in patients with diabetes far more effectively than is now possible.

Dr Jehangir Mistry, director of research and development at Merck Millipore, said: "We expect this opportunity will enable Merck Millipore to expand our substantial portfolio of Elisa and Milliplex multiplexed-bead based assays for diabetes and metabolic disease biomarkers."

In December 2011, the company expanded its product range with the launch of the SIRTainty Class III HDAC Assay, for use in the detection of sirtuin activity.

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