Eisai licenses ChemAxon software for drug discovery

Pharmaceutical Company Product News

Eisai has bolstered its drug development pipeline through a new licensing deal for the use of ChemAxon software for clinical data management.

Patcore, the Japan-based agency for ChemAxon, has licensed the JChem Cartridge for Oracle software to the pharmaceutical company, allowing it to take advantage of new database storage and search technology.

The system is designed for the management of chemical structure information generated in discovery processes and aims to deliver faster performance, improved accuracy and greater flexibility than alternative solutions.

At the same time, Eisai will also be rolling out Patcore's structure compound control checking system CRAIS Checker - which it currently uses in its Japanese laboratories - on a global scale.

This software has been adopted by the majority of Japanese pharmaceutical companies and allows users to correctly identify controlled substances more efficiently and confidently.

Last month, Eisai augmented its research capabilities further by commencing operations at its new H3 Biomedicine research facility in Massachusetts.

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