Beiersdorf and Brandbank ally on Nivea online sales promotion

Pharmacy Supplier News

Beiersdorf has announced a new partnership with product imagery and information specialist Brandbank, which aims to bolster online sales of its Nivea brand.

The health and personal care company's UK branch is engaging Brandbank to drive ecommerce sales by providing up-to-date product images and data, as well as streamlining the process of sharing this information and making it easier for retailers to showcase its brands.

In addition to Nivea, Brandbank will be supporting sales promotion efforts across the entire Beiersdorf portfolio, including products such as Elastoplast, Eucerin, Florena and La Prairie.

Currently, ecommerce sales account for eight percent of Beiersdorf's business, with the digital arena having been identified as a key area of focus by the company.

Jennie Hylton, Beiersdorf's digital sales manager and head of its new UK digital sales team, said: "It means we can develop a very effective and highly efficient one-stop shop, cutting down on repetitive requests and eliminating inefficiencies in this key business process."

This comes after the company announced the successful launch of its latest Nivea product, Invisible for Black and White, last month.

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